Olive Oil – Your Pleasure!

Olive oil for pleasure, that’s what this top selection of Portuguese olive oils that we found at Oliva & Co in Porto, is.

Curated by the owner, engineer turned olive oil passionista, the olive oil selection of this unique speciality store will keep you coming back for more.

From gentle to very intense, and differing from year to year – because olive oil production of course depends on each year’s harvest – you will definitely find the perfect oil or two for yourself.

Come and taste it and leave with your favourite bottle from the tasting table selection.

Or, take them all with you to have the perfect oil for every occasion!

We came thinking we wanted a gentle and mild oil but left with a most intense tasting one, that also happened to have received an award this year.

We can totally tell why! 😉

These high quality olive oils, some organic, some pdo, are a true sensory pleasure on your tongue.

Make sure you give your body what it likes! 🙂

And do tell us about it!

Oliva & Co


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