Be Whatever You Want! 

When I got the chance to visit ComicCon Portugal in December 2016, little did I know how it would expand my world.

Until then I had no idea ComicCon events existed, and was oblivious of the whole world of comic books, series, cosplay……..

You name it and I hadn’t heard of it.

Well, ok….., I was vaguely familiar with Star Wars (only that it exists lol). And I had heard of Gotham City and its inhabitants. The crooks and the Super Hero ones. 

But if you asked me about The Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and the likes (you see, I can’t even name them….!) then I’d have to go blank on you…..!

But I must say that ComicCon stole my heart and got me so excited I couldn’t stop talking about it for days, and then for weeks.

I got so charged up that I was sharing with such enthusiasm…… And well, ComicCon might have some new visitors worldwide because of that….! Lol

So what was it that got me so excited…?!
As someone who is passionate about helping individuals fully step into their True Nature…., and to express fully….., and to just be who they are…..,

I was delighted to meet with so many people who were dressed up to express their favourite characters.

I was even more delighted with the fact THAT I COULD PLAY!

It was ok to be who you are and to dress up however you wanted and have others marvel at that and want to take your picture. 

This being different and looking ‘weird’ was celebrated here. And what a contrast with the outside world where more often than not these behaviours are criticized and ridiculed.

Time to PLAY!

I got myself a CatWoman mask (made by the talented makeup artist at the event) as she – CatWoman – had made it a no-doubt-choice. 

You see, accidentally and against my natural tendencies, I got dressed ALL IN BLACK lol, which I, by the way, realized only later, and the first cosplay character I met was CatWoman.

Wearing the CatWoman mask transformed me. I felt more confident and more myself. It is so funny how a character you feel you relate to can light you up. 

My inner CatWoman came out and she stayed….!

It’s as if I had come home.

And I realized how all the costumes must work for many characters on a deeper level.

I spoke with so many.

I had to ask questions because I knew so very little.

What is ‘cosplay’?! – I asked someone who used the word.

‘It’s what you are doing right now.’


I didn’t know! But I like it!

It was so exciting to discover character after character, and to hear the stories behind the costumes.

If only I had had enough space for video interviews….!

In a world that demands from you to follow the norm, an event that invites you to ‘be whatever you want’ is a breath of fresh air…..

I can’t wait for the next time!

I’ll be more dressed up then. And that’s a promise!


Thank you to all the boys and girls who shared their hearts with me. 

Thank you to all the people who operated the different stands and areas during the event. 

Thank you to the team that did the ground work every day. 

Thank you for all the inspiring conversations. 

And thank you, CatWoman. 

You tricked me into this one))))))!



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